Optimisation (is) for humans!

Today, everybody’ s talking about SEO. Any kind of website, they say, have to value without it. And you’ re doing your best to optimize your website just to get first on Google for particular term. Holy SEO is always the priority, but let mi ask you a question: are you making a website for robots or for man? Let’ s take a closer look at the other side of a medal, also known as HEO.

One concept per project

Using pre-prepared layouts, stylesheets, html templates… can’t be good. Many designers are using their barebone sheets and framework templates to begin working on various types of projects. This article will tell you why that kind of approach won’t work if you want the best results. You can make analogy for any profession sphere.

Simple Design: What, How and Why?

Since they’re both results achieved trough complex thinking process, simplicity and design are very related and can be almost identified when you strip’ em down. We believe that they work best together, and this article is just an initial explanation of that claim.